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They Love Me; They Just Say Homophobic Things in Front of Me and Want to Hit Me, That's All

Dear [*****],

This is just from me for now, Dad hasn't seen this yet. I know you are bisexual. I didn't know about the websites, but I'm not really surprised. I also told Dad that you were bisexual. I have been reconciled to the fact for years. It is only you who seems to have the problem.

My only questions are: Is this writing making you any money? and: Do you actually ever see any of these "friends" in person? If not, don't you have any need for actual human contact?

I did not tell Paul or my parents or other relatives that you are bisexual. You can tell them if you want, or if you want me to, I will.


Dear [*****],

In case you didn't know, I love you. You are an adult and have the right to your own ideas and behavior. I do not intend to disown you if you want to become a world famous advocate for bisexuality. I will not even say anything to you about it unless you ask or say anything against you in public. However, you have to give me the right to my own opinions and behavior too. Do not expect me to campaign beside you and especially do not expect me to become bisexual myself.

I will be happy to see you any time you like. I will send you something for Christmas but I am not going to buy as much as I would if you showed up in person. It is too much trouble and expense to mail it for one thing.

By the way, I did have some clue that all those books and tapes I bought you dealt with bisexuality or homosexuality. I also knew why you liked David Bowie so much.

Dad might be a little more likely to say he disagrees with you if publicly asked, but he's not likely to campaign against you or anything since he doesn't like public speaking. He is mostly upset right now that you threw his peacemaking efforts back in his face and that you think he would resort to physical violence. He does not want to disown you either though.

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