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I'd like to invite you all to join a project that a few of my friends have been hard at work on - first and foremost leex, but with extremely considerable input from chisparoja and some occasional rather rarer appearances by socialismnow and me, and a few others so far.

The project is an online multilingual democracy called Eudaimonia, with a website largely in wikipedia format so you can join and help edit the pages. Since the site is intended to be as internationally egalitarian as possible, it should be translated into as many languages as possible - so far, it's only been translated into English, Spanish, French, and Dutch, because those are the languages the current members are able to translate into.

Eudaimonia is conducting a socialist economic experiment by creating its own currency (called the Lux), which you can perform tasks to earn and then spend on real objects like books or CDs from other members. It also has a project to create a new language, intended to be more broadly multicultural than Esperanto and much more progressive in gender and sexuality issues as well (for example, it will have no gendered pronouns). You're also invited to post leftist political essays and creative writing on the website, or you can just come socialize on Eudaimonia's forums, which are also multilingual.
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