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I Do Not Appreciate Having to Share My City with Arnold.

California's State Senate and Assembly both passed a bill that would make same-sex marriage legal.

Our idiot governator claimed during his gubernatorial campaign that he supported gay rights. Of course, we learned very quickly from his rant about "girly-men" how much faith to have in that. And now he says he intends to veto the bill.

He claims it's unfair for the legislature to pass bills that differ from previous popular votes. Apparently Republicans live in fear not only of "activist judges" but also of "activist legislatures." I'm beginning to suspect that if a majority vote did support minorities' human rights, we'd start hearing complaints about the unfairness of letting "activist voters" dictate the laws.

Despite the fact that he's already said he plans to veto the bill, Schwarzenegger's office is still conducting a telephone poll to ask voters' opinions about whether he should veto it. PLEASE CALL.

The telephone number is: 916-445-2841

Press 2 for "voice your opinion on legislature," then
Press 1 for "Gender-Neutral Marriage Bill," then
Press 1 for "Support the bill."

(The phone line is open 24 hours a day. It took me three tries to get through, but that's only a minute or two out of your life.)

Not that it's likely to change anything, but perhaps if his actions are disapproved of by a margin of a million to a hundred in his own telephone poll, he'll have some glimmer of how big an apology he owes us.
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