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Of Ann Coulter's Ancestors and Ann Coulter's Imitators

Today I read Silas Marner by George Eliot. I was considerably taken aback to discover that Ann Coulter is a character in Silas Marner. An extremely minor character, but still. Her role consisted only of the following cameo appearance:
There were women in Raveloe, at the present time, who had worn one of the Wise Woman's little bags round their necks, and, in consequence, had never had an idiot child, as Ann Coulter had.
I can only presume that the present Ann Coulter is a direct descendant of this former Ann Coulter, and inherited the idiocy accordingly. Okay, I know that the form of "idiocy" that George Eliot meant was harmless unintentional mental retardation rather than the present Ann Coulter's willfully idiotic evil, but the word "idiot" is a much more appropriate description of the modern representative of the Coulter family.

Then I searched Google News for the latest articles about Hurricane Katrina. It's become awfully difficult to sort through all the articles about Bush in search of any new articles about the actual victims. When I did find one ("Katrina's Unsung Victims"), it went to great lengths to point out that:
What I'm learning in the shelters is that it's not just the poor who have no place to go and no place to fall back on; it's also ordinary working people who in better times might have been counted as part of the middle class, too.
What, so if it were "just the poor" it wouldn't be as tragic??? Will the Washington Post next be running articles that say things like, "What I'm learning in the shelters is that it's not just black people who have no place to go and no place to fall back on; it's also ordinary white people"? HOW CAN THIS EVEN BE A CONSIDERATION IN HOW MUCH SYMPATHY THEY DESERVE???

And the really sad thing is that some other corner of my mind is actually thinking, "Well, since the reality is that this kind of appallingness actually does make a difference in how much a lot of people will care about the victims, how can I entirely condemn the Washington Post for pointing it out?" It's just that the way they pointed it out is so . . . shameless . . .

The next article Google News linked me to was "My Solution For Katrina: Repeal The 19th Amendment." It was written by a woman. Why am I not surprised? Oh, that's right, Ann Coulter has inured me to these things. On the other hand, I was rather surprised that it was written by a woman who openly acknowledged having recently been brain-damaged; I'm somewhat tempted to wonder whether she was this misogynistic before the brain damage. Anyway, this woman who is if anything even more rabid than Ann Coulter linked me, in turn, to the single most horrifyingly overtly racist "news" website I've ever yet come across . . . after which I decided that this must really not be a good day for me to be surfing the Internet. So if you need me, I'll be hiding under my bed for the rest of this evening.
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