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The Day of Apartment Doom Has Arrived

. . . more or less, anyway. I got the notice on my door today announcing that my apartment complex is now definitely absolutely for sure going to be turned into federally-subsidized low-income housing. I did not get informed definitely absolutely for sure whether or not I have low enough income to qualify to continue living here anyway, but I think it's highly unlikely that I do, and the person who interviewed me about my income before certainly hinted that she thought so too. Anyway, they still won't tell me the date I need to be moved out by. I just had the following conversation with the lady in the rental office:
Me: Can you tell me the date I'll need to be moved out by if I don't qualify to stay here?
Her: The date you need to return these forms to me by is October 1st.
Me: Yes, but can you tell me the date I'll need to be moved out by?
Her: When you've completed these forms, be sure to call us to set up an interview to go over the forms and have you fill out additional paperwork.
Me: I really don't think I'm at all likely to qualify though -
Her: If you choose to move out that's your decision, but we still need to have everyone fill out the forms to check for sure whether you qualify.
Me: But if I don't qualify, can you tell me the date I'll need to be moved out by?
Her: (giving me an obviously embarrassed silly/foolish smile) . . . No.
Me: Can you at least estimate at all?
Her: . . . No.
I might add that I've also asked the same question of several other people over the past month and each time been given similar evasions, which in those cases ended with "You'll find out around mid-September when you get the notice on your door that announces whether the complex is definitely going to be turned into low-income housing or not." Clearly these people are not aiming to win any awards for informativeness.

I think I'm just going to have to presume myself kicked out as of now and start searching for a new apartment immediately. I've actually already looked at most of the apartments in the neighborhood from the outside and looked up all the information I could find about them online and narrowed down my choices, so it's just a matter of driving around to the best few and hoping they have openings and then deciding on one. I haven't been able to get approved for a mortgage loan (because nobody considers my income high enough for that, even though they all express tremendous impressedness at the savings I've collected on that same income), so I'm not going to be able to buy anything.
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