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Feminist Research Requested

Can anyone provide me with a critique of these statistics? I find them suspicious-sounding but I have no actual proof at the moment of whether anything's fishy about them:
Yet according to the Families and Work Institute in New York City, fathers now provide three-fourths of the child care mothers do, up from one-half 30 years ago. . . . According to a 2002 survey conducted by the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research (ISR), the world's largest academic survey and research organization, men are doing at least as much overall household work as women. Women do an average of 27 hours of housework a week, compared to 16 hours a week for men. Balanced against this, however, is the study's less-publicized finding that the average man spends 14 hours a week more on the job than the average woman. Thus men's overall contribution to the household is actually slightly higher than women's.
The quote comes from this article, which begins by stating that "It's one thing to be respectful of gays and gay parents. It's quite another to engineer a deceptive study and use it to assert that lesbian families are a better environment in which to raise boys than heterosexual families.". . . And then it goes on to assert, instead, that heterosexual families are a better environment in which to raise boys, and in the process engineers a deceptive article that completely loses sight of its original supposed goal of being respectful of "gays and gay parents" (unless wait, maybe the only goal the author considered worthy was respecting gay male parents, in which case he neglected to discuss them at all because he was too busy stereotyping lesbians as man-haters to have any time left for mentioning gay males). In short, it was a really annoying article, but I had no trouble at all mentally demolishing the author's arguments in all cases other than those statistics he gave. For demolishing those statistics, I'd like to know if the rest of you can help me.
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