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And it's none of the ones I mentioned before. And it's better than any of them, by far!

I did finally manage to tour Apartment #3 today. It looked tolerable, but I didn't love it. I was feeling rather desperately frustrated, so I decided to go look at the apartments in the vicinity of Apartment #2 that I previously hadn't bothered to look at because the prices were more than I really wanted to pay. I started thinking that all the other places available were so rotten that maybe it would be worth paying more for a better place, as long as they'd let me. (Note also that after I got home today, I received an email from my mother pointing out that I actually did qualify to live at the apartment I toured before that I thought I didn't earn enough money to qualify to live at. I'd been calculating my net income whereas their income requirement pertained to gross income. But it doesn't matter anyway, because the apartment I found today is $40 cheaper and several hundred times prettier and a mile closer to my workplace than that one was.)

So. I got desperate enough today to decide to try touring an apartment that I'd previously considered to be out of my price range. It got great online reviews from its residents, and it's practically next door to my workplace (there's virtually no possible way to live any closer to my workplace than at this apartment), and it has a washer and dryer in every apartment . . . the only reason I hadn't toured it was that it was advertised as being $800. But when I went in today and asked the lady behind the desk what they had available, she said that they'd recently lowered their rents and they have a place that will be available by the start of November for only $740 per month!

She also said that if I didn't immediately put it on hold, someone else was highly likely to claim it about 30 seconds after I walked out of the rental office. I generally loathe being pressured to make a decision right away, but the idea of a place this good and this close being available so cheap was such a shock to me that I found the possibility that someone else would claim it if I delayed at all to be very realistic. So I gave her $100 already to get her to reserve it for me.

The apartment is on the second floor, as is my current one, but the new one is on the second floor of three floors rather than two. It's on a 12-acre complex with lots of trees and green lawns and pretty landscaping, two pools and two spas. It has lots more parking than my current apartment complex, and unlike my current one, it's not gated (I mildly prefer not to have a gate; my current complex is gated and the only purpose the gate serves is to get in the way of legitimate residents while not deterring criminals in the slightest). There are areas of the complex designated for picnicking, with outdoor barbecues provided. The rental office has big sitting rooms where residents are invited to come watch TV or read the newspapers (they provide today's newspaper there every day) and they have free candy on hand at all times in that sitting room. The refrigerator in my apartment will be are self-defrosting, the oven will be self-cleaning, and there's even a carwash on the complex! I am pleased! I could not be more pleased with any other apartment in the city, including apartments more expensive than this one. It has everything I want!
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