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Clothing Colors

People are absolutely incessantly informing me of what color clothes I'm wearing. A lady at work remarks almost every time she sees me that I'm always wearing purple - except when recently I was wearing red, she remarked that I was wearing red and then added, "I guess you have to try a different color occasionally." A man at an apartment complex I decided not to move into greeted me by saying, "I see your favorite color is purple." A man in the parking lot of my own apartment complex addressed me as "Miss Purple." A grocery checker recently greeted me with the words, "You're the Lady in Red." And just now, as I was climbing the stairs to my front door, a lady standing below looked up at me and announced, apropos of nothing, "Pretty in Pink."

The only color I frequently wear that no one comments on is blue. Why is it apparently so commentworthy for me to wear any color other than blue, but not commentworthy at all for me to wear blue? Is there some sort of unwritten rule that the only normal way to clothe oneself is to wear blue all the time?

Okay, there are also other colors that I don't so frequently wear that might not garner many comments either: white, black, brown, tan, grey. But those aren't really "colors" in the sense of "colors of the rainbow." Blue is. Why is it so astounding that I dare to wear colors of the rainbow other than blue?
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