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I woke up with a headache. Took two acetaminophen three hours ago but it hasn't gone away.

Finally finished writing a letter to my mother. Extremely difficult to write because my anger kept overflowing to a greater degree than was ideal. I spent three days editing and calming it down before I got it to sendable levels, but it was still clearly an angry letter - just not one so angry as to make me have to feel guilty about it.

I don't suppose this is easy for them, but it is by no means easy for me either. I asked for and thankfully received vacation time from work, because I simply wasn't able to function there properly these days.

Right now I'm just exhausted. I'm going to go read Gore Vidal until it's time for #QueerByChoice chat.

Anybody here have some really fantastic hetero parents who might be willing to write to mine and provide a good role model for them? Please ask them. I really need some assistance here.
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