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This Is Major Gayle to Internet. Can You Hear Me, Internet?

I have Internet! I'm not done moving yet, and I don't even have my proper computer chair to sit here on, but I'm an Internet addict in need of a fix, so I'm going to make do with this flimsy white folding chair here for the moment.

I wrote something on paper a few days ago that I intended to type into here later as a LiveJournal entry. But now I don't know where the paper is. In fact, I don't know where much of anything is right now. Too many boxes to sort through. At least I managed to find and put together all the parts of my computer!

I haven't actually been completely without Internet access since Monday. The extreme inconvenience of driving to the library, waiting in line for 20 minutes, and then only being allowed 45 minutes on the library computer, failed to outweigh the extreme inconvenience of having no Internet access whatsoever. But reading 24 hours' worth of entries from a friends list the size of mine in only 45 minutes is quite difficult, so in order to accomplish it, I had to refrain from leaving any comments whatsoever for anyone. I may go back and leave some comments later. But I have been completely without Internet access since Thursday, so I have a whole lot of catching up to do, and I haven't done it yet.

I need to have a talk with those of you who thought I ought to have moved years ago, without waiting until I was forced to, simply because I didn't like very much about my old apartment or its management. Anyone who thinks I should have voluntarily put myself through the hellishness of moving either (A) has it in for me, (B) has never moved in their life and has no concept at all of the hellishness involved, or (C) is absolutely completely off their rocker. There is not a single square inch of my body that does not hurt right now. I have blisters on several fingers and several toes, and I can't even remember which box I packed the bandages in, so I'm having to make do with Scotch tape. I have muscle aches where I didn't even know I had muscles, and I have so many bruises I look polka-dotted.

Also, the seldom-mentioned macho butch side of my personality is totally in the doghouse right now, because earlier today when my parents were here to help me move stuff, it assured them that the TV was something I could certainly handle moving on my own. Well, I expect I'll get it up these stairs someday, but judging by the nearly 20 minutes it took me to roll that TV down the stairs from my old apartment, I think it may take me an entire day's effort.

P.S. And now I want to go to sleep, but first I have to figure out which box contains my bedspread and blankets. :-(
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