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Final Pictures of My Old Apartment Complex

I know that what you probably really want right now (insofar as you want pictures from me at all) are pictures of my new apartment complex, but you're not likely to get any of those until the place starts looking at least a little less like a tornado just hit it. I am, however, going to post one last set of pictures from my old apartment complex - the last few things it occurred to me to photograph before leaving.

(Previous pictures can be found here.)

I really like how lit windows look when it's dark outside. If I were those people, though, I wouldn't leave my blinds way up like that.

Through gaps in the chain-link fence behind the apartment complex, you can see beer bottles lying next to the drainage ditch.

There are oleanders growing through some parts of the chain-link fence. But these two flowers are the only flowers on the oleanders.

This is another view of them.

Someone on the other side of the apartment complex from me has grown a single really tall rose.

This is how the rose looks when photographed from a different angle, kneeling on the ground and looking up at it.

Unfortunately, not all the residents have any gardening talents - nor any taste in gardening. This here is a bouquet of artificial flowers shoved into the middle of a bush. It does not make the bush look like a flowering bush. It makes the bush look like a bush with a bouquet of artificial flowers shoved into the middle of it. They aren't even spread around at all! They aren't even all the same kind of flower! They aren't even types of flowers that ever would grow on bushes!

The people who shoved the bouquet of artificial flowers into the bush also have a ceramic bowl sitting upside-down on the ground next to their front door. And they have a welcome mat that protects their other welcome mat from your feet. These people are even weirder than I am.

If one has no car, one may be tempted to take a shopping cart home in order to carry all the groceries. My old apartment complex contains many, many shopping carts. A good place to find them is under the stairways.

And this is the full moon over my old apartment complex.

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