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Conformist Fashion

Today's proof that I have seriously weird taste in fashion: I went shopping after work and was absolutely awestruck by this gorgeous purple outfit a woman walking just ahead of me was wearing. I did vaguely register the fact that it was extremely unconventionally cut - there was a part draped over her head that dangling down to the same length as her dress, which was in matching purple fabric, and the ends of both were cut in pointy inverted scallop shapes - but mostly I was just absolutely, well, awestruck, to the point that the only thing I could think was that I really needed to ask her where she found this fantastic amazing unbelievably gorgeous outfit, so that I could start shopping there. And I'm someone who absolutely never starts conversations with strangers. To the point where, like, if I were trapped in a burning building, I might almost have to seriously think about whether or not I really wanted to scream for help if the only people around were strangers. But I was completely in love with this woman's dress.

. . . And then, of course, I realized that it was a Halloween costume.

I hate conformist fashion! Why must people only dare to wear truly original and creative and mind-blowingly beautiful outfits one day per year?

I never did figure out what she was supposed to be. But once I figured out that it was only a one-day costume, I held a grudge against her for it and didn't want to look at her anymore.
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