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Calling All California Voters

With every new election, I feel a need to repeat myself: I LOVE THE PEACE AND FREEDOM PARTY! If you're a California voter and you're feeling at all undecided about any of the propositions, I highly recommend reading the Peace and Freedom Party's commentaries on all the California propositions. They absolutely unfailingly agree with me about every single issue in every single election ever (and no, I don't consult their website until I've made up my own mind about everything first). That's why I'm a registered Peace and Freedom Party member.

Incidentally: This is the first time in the entire history of my LiveJournal that I've ever used any icon other than the swirly blue marble one for a journal entry (rather than for a comment). I don't plan to make a habit of it. But the Peace and Freedom Party has earned the right to this unprecedented privilege.

Also: Prop 73 makes me particularly ill. Teenagers are the last people whose parents should be getting notified if they're going to get an abortion. I'd much sooner (although I wouldn't really want either one) have a law that required notifying the parents of any woman over 25 years old before granting her an abortion - because at least most women over 25 aren't financially dependent on their parents and have some sort of ability to disobey their parents' wishes without a high risk of being thrown out on the street, physically abused, or just verbally abused and harassed nonstop for every hour of their lives at home, with no ability to ever escape it. Teenagers are the people who need the right to medical privacy from their parents most. And anyone who's ever been a queer teenager, who's experienced needing to worry about coming out to their parents about that aspect of their sexuality, should be able to understand most deeply of all how important that right to privacy is.
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