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Poster Purchases

Today I bought art! This is the first time I've ever bought art for myself. Previously I've always either painted it myself or had it given to me by relatives. But I haven't been happy with enough of the pictures I already had to be able to fill up all my new wall space, and I didn't really know what I'd want to paint to hang on my walls here either, nor did I feel like waiting as long as it would take to eventually paint something I'd be happy with. So I Googled, and found two art prints I loved enough to want to buy. They're very different from each other (well, aside from a few things: they're both fairly realistic in style and both designed to evoke emotional reactions), but I'm pretty sure of where I want each of them to go.

"Secret Place" by Natalie Levine (with horrendous JPEG artifacts in the online image of it, unfortunately)

"Morning Mischief" by Janet Kruskamp

When they arrive, my living room will be well on its way to being decorated entirely in cats - and I wasn't even thinking of cats as an intentional theme. I just keep adding more cats and then realizing how much of a theme cats are becoming. And that's without even bringing home the very nice cat picture I have in my cubicle at work - it looks great in my cubicle, so it's staying there.
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