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Interior Decorating: A Request for Pictures

I suppose it's stereotypically female of me, but lately I've been spending huge amounts of time on home decorating websites - hoping, perhaps unrealistically, to find some sort of decorating trick so great that it would trick me into wanting to spend a lot of time in my living room even despite the fact that nearly everything I'd generally want to do is located, and needs to remain located, in my bedroom. Mostly I've ended up concluding that the only thing that might do the trick semi-successfully would be a really, really comfortable recliner in the living room - but really comfortable recliners seem to cost several thousand dollars, and I only want one bad enough to spend about $200 on it, so that's just not likely to happen at all.

However, along the way, I came across various suggestions, and one of them was to "search for images of rooms decorated in ways that you like." So I started searching, and this rapidly led me to the discovery that there are actually virtually no pictures to be found anywhere of rooms that I can really imagine wanting to live in. In fact, after extremely exhaustive searching (with both Google Image search and the "designer's portfolio"), I've found only one image anywhere on the Internet that shows a room that I wouldn't terribly mind living in - and even that one, I wouldn't exactly call the room of my dreams or anything. It's merely a room that I can imagine might potentially feel like "mine," and that I wouldn't hate.

It's this one. It would be better if the stripey patterns were proper rainbows instead of partial ones, but I think it'd do the way it is. The colors are acceptable, and that style of curtain in the background - well, only a week or so before I discovered this picture, I finished hanging rekraft's rainbow fish above my living room window in a shape just like that curtain, draped in a row of half-circle shapes between eight evenly spaced nails above my window. So it's rather obvious that I must be fond of curtains that drape that way.

But I can't find a single other picture of a room that I'd want to live in! How can my taste in interior decorating possibly be so unique that no one else on the entire Internet has ever decorated a room in a way that I'd enjoy living in? I feel like there mut be good rooms out there that I'm just failing to find pictures of.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post. I want to know what kinds of rooms you like. Search for some pictures and give me links to them, will you? I bet if enough of you post links to pictures of rooms you'd love to live in, someone will find one somewhere that I'd love to live in, too. And besides, I might learn something about you from seeing your tastes.
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