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Pictures of My New Apartment!

I'm still not ready to photograph everything in my apartment, because there are still things I plan to change fairly soon and when I do change them, I want to be able to photograph them the new way without boring you all to death with new photographs from the same angle as before, just with one new picture on the wall or a slight furniture rearrangement. But I managed to photograph a lot of my apartment already, even while avoiding photographing those parts.

Let's start with where I'm sitting right now. This is my desk. Same desk as in my old apartment, same general stuff on it. But a set of brand new wall-mounted CD racks. I was annoyed that my old CD racks didn't match each other (having been given to me by various different relatives), and I also didn't have anywhere near enough of them, having been storing most of my CDs on a bookshelf instead of in racks. And now I needed to free up space on my bookshelves for my ever-expanding collection of actual books. The new CD racks are absolutely fabulous, because they've managed to free my desk of one of its primary forms of clutter. At my old apartment, I tended to have at least 30 CDs strewn all over my desk at any particular time, because it was just too much trouble to keep carrying them across the room to and from the bookshelf they were stored on. Now the place they belong is within easy arm's reach, so I don't even have to stand up to take them out or put them away. (My cassettes, however, are still stored in another room. Alas.)

While sitting at my computer, if I look to my left, I see my bed. It's right next to my balcony, only about a foot away from the door. Often after I've gone to bed, I open the vertical blinds the way they're shown in the picture, so I can fall asleep looking outside at the sky.

In case the purple weren't proof enough, you can also tell that the apartment is mine by the David Bowie poster. And in case you've forgotten (or weren't yet reading my journal when I posted pictures of my bed at my old apartment), the bumper sticker on my headboard says, "You May Say I'm a Dreamer, But I'm Not the Only One."

To the right of my desk is my closet, and next to that, my bathroom.

My bathroom is very purple too. I found both the rug and the shower curtain at my local thrift-grocery store, for under $5 each.

This is my bathroom as seen in my bathroom mirror.

The best thing about this entire apartment is that my shower is not moldy or mildewy! Do you have any idea how many thousand times easier it is to keep an apartment grime-free and undisgusting when the dirt in it isn't alive and doesn't actively reproduce and grow back?

Here's the mirrored medicine cabinet. I also found the purple towels at the thrift-grocery store - the complete set for under $5 total.

Here's my kitchen. The white door at the end of my kitchen leads to the other most fantastic thing about my new apartment: my very own washer and dryer! Also, through the kitchen window you can see the stairs to the third floor. It's very strange hearing feet walking above my head these days. There wasn't a third floor at my old apartment complex.

To the left is my washing machine! In case you're wondering why you've never heard of a laundry detergent brand called "Fab," well, my local thrift-grocery store carries about 20 different brands of everything and none of the brands are ever anything I've ever heard of before. They're not the store's brand; the store doesn't have a brand. They're just some sort of bizarre ultra-cheap brands that the store gets secondhand from who knows where.

To the right is my dryer. And the light switch, which also simultaneously turns on a fan. The dryer vents outside though, so it doesn't make my apartment humid.

That's my front door through the kitchen window from this angle, and my living room in the background. And the door to my bedroom.

This is about as much as I'm going to show you right now of my living room. One of the things that makes it difficult to decorate my living room is that I really don't want to block off any of that huge window, so any furniture that's not pushed way to the sides of the room has to be very short in order not to block it. I absolutely love what I did with rekraft's rainbow fish over the window. Oh, and admire my pretty ceiling fan/chandelier! The glass door you see in the corner is another door to my balcony.

Oh all right, here's another view of my living room, looking in from my balcony (with a slightly faint reflection of me in the glass). To the left is the sliding glass door that leads to my bedroom.

On the opposite end of my balcony is another door, but this one only leads to the water heater.

This is the view from my balcony - well, the part of my balcony that doesn't have a tree right in front of it - with the sun just beginning to set. Okay, the view is one thing about this apartment that could definitely be improved. But that's all right, because I generally don't look outside except when I'm in bed, and when I'm lying down all I can see is the sky.

This concludes your tour for now. As you leave, turn to see what my front door and kitchen window look like from halfway up the stairs to the third floor . . . well, I don't know why you'd be heading up the stairs as you leave, but it isn't any weirder than when you started the tour by entering my apartment through my computer screen.

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