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More Pictures of My New Apartment!

I think these will be the last pictures of the inside of my apartment. Future pictures are more likely to be of the apartment complex grounds and the surrounding neighborhood.

I now have the honor to present to you . . . the living room! In all its newly-decorated glory. I should do a price breakdown on the furnishings of this room. Coat rack: gift from my Aunt Kitty. Painting on left wall: a watercolor I painted myself in high school, hung in a picture frame purchased for it by my parents. Wicker baskets: $30 for the larger one, $20 for the smaller one, from the thrift-grocery store. Television: free hand-me-down from my parents. Stand that the television sits on: gift from my parents. VCR (not visible, under the television): I paid money for this, but I don't remember how much. Typical VCR price. Cardboard box in corner: free, except for the cost of the marbled contact paper I covered it with. Three additional cardboard boxes under the window: same. Coffee table (mostly hidden behind chair): $3 from the Salvation Army. Chair: free hand-me-down from my parents, who in turn got it free from my grandparents. Blue area rug: $20 from the thrift-grocery store. End table with sewing machine on it (mostly hidden behind the tall bookcases): free hand-me-down from my parents. Sewing machine: I paid money for this; typical sewing machine price. Tall bookcases: inherited from my dead grandmother. Lamp on top of tall bookcases: bought by my parents a couple of decades ago. Books: hundreds and hundreds of dollars! I guess you can see what my priorities are.

Here's a better view of the left side of the room. For the record, the books stacked on boxes are books I haven't read yet; they only go on the shelves after I've read them. You can see my $3 table better here, too. My "Lucky Bamboo" (a.k.a. Dracaena that is trying to pass itself off as bamboo) is sitting on the table, along with some books, and a blue bowl that holds the remains of my Halloween candy. Oh, and a stapler. Remember that painting of mine on the wall? It used to be on the wall above my kitchen sink in my old apartment.

And here's the right side of the room. Notice how the trees outside have completely changed color since the last time I took photographs? It happened all at once, overnight: they were green when I went to sleep one night, and orange when I woke up the next morning. The true arrival of fall came considerable later than its official arrival.

Last picture of my living room. In this one you can see one of the posters I bought recently.

Now, let's turn around and look back toward the kitchen . . . Did you ever even realize there was a corner over here that I'd avoided photographing before? This is where I've relegated most of my poor helpless plants, depriving them of easy access to sunlight, except via the mirror behind them. That's Devil's Ivy on the left, and my Peace Lily on the right. The Peace Lily has a single white flower that it's had ever since I first bought it nearly a month ago, but I have yet to see the flower open. I've even tried moving the plant over to the coffee table near the big living room window to get it more sunshine now and then, but the flower doesn't seem to want to open yet. And I can't put the plant outside, because Peace Lilies are native to Hawaii and die off immediately in temperatures even as mildly cold (40 degrees or so, Fahrenheit) as Sacramento in November. Anyway, in between the two plants are two white ceramic cats that my Aunt Kitty gave me about 15 years ago, and in between the cats is a round vase which is my only remaining inheritance, other than the tall brown bookcases, from my dead grandmother.

Here's the other side, as seen from the kitchen. That's the other art print I ordered recently on the wall there. And putting my keyboard on the bookshelf there was a stroke of accidental genius. I had only been looking for a place to set it down for a moment to get it out of my way while I moved some other furniture around, but it looked so good there that I realized immediately that it ought to just stay there permanently. At my old apartment, they keyboard was locked away in my closet all the time and never seen. Don't mistake its presence on the shelf here for anything but decoration, though - it's a MIDI keyboard that has to be plugged into my computer to be played, so I couldn't play it without taking it down from the shelf there, and I also couldn't play it anyway because I still haven't gotten around to buying a new adapter for it to enable it to plug into my new computer (where by "new" computer, I mean "two years old computer," which means I haven't played this keyboard at all in the past two years). And even with the proper adapter for it, I still couldn't really play it - by which I mean that (1) my ability to read music is only sufficiently adequate to enable me to play music at a tenth the speed that it ought to be played at; (2) my ability to move my fingers in a coordinated manner is only sufficiently adequate to enable me to play the one-handed, vocals-only portion of the melody; (3) I'm far too tone-deaf to even recognize when I've hit the wrong keys; and (4) my sense of rhythm is completely nonexistent, so you can't even recognize any resemblance to the original songs that way. In short, be very glad that you will never hear me attempt to play this instrument. It does make for a nice decoration, though.

Another view, this time showing the door to my bedroom . . . which I shall be showing you more photographs of next . . .

I have a dresser! With a David Bowie poster over it. I avoided photographing this before because I hadn't yet quite entirely decided that this was where I wanted this Bowie poster to go. But it is. I have decided now. Oh, and if you look outside on the balcony, you can see a second Devil's Ivy plant that I've just recently acquired. I'm conducting a sort of experiment to see which of my Devil's Ivy plants I'll kill off soonest: the one on the balcony in the sunshine, or the one on my blue bookshelf where I'll remember to water it. If the one outside lives a long time and grows taller, I’ll encourage it to cover my whole balcony railing in ivy. Then I would have the nicest-looking balcony railing of anyone on the upper floors of my building. (Some people on the ground floor have huge pots of flowers, but I think it would be dangerous to balance anything huge on an upper-floor railing; if it were to fall, it'd have more speed behind it when it hit the ground.)

And last, here's another view of my dresser, with my desk next to it. If you look closely here, you can see some of rekraft's candy wrappers, plus the card that fflo sent me.

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