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I find it rather absurd that a holiday called "Thanksgiving" (ignoring for the moment the genocidal history associated with it and pretending it's actually about what it claims to be about) should happen to fall right now in my life, at a point in time when every minute of every hour of every day is so filled with nearly nonstop overwhelming gratitude to practically everyone I know and to practically every thing I have any direct contact with that the idea of a holiday in which I'm supposed to somehow feel even more nonstop gratitude than I already do is just kind of . . . not even possible. One cannot increase a gratitude level that is already infinite.

I mean, it's only my personal life that I'm feeling grateful for right now, not the state of the broader world in general, so in that sense my gratitude is not infinite. But really, no amount of holiday exhortations to start feeling more gratitude are going to transform George Bush into something to feel grateful about. The things and people that merit any gratitude, I'm already totally full of it for at the moment.
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