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Gay Men = Lab Rats for Nonconsensual Experimentation

To all those who persist in believing that asserting a biological cause for sexual preference will stop heterosexuals from trying to forcibly turn queers het:

"Gay men arrested at a party in the United Arab Emirates are set to be issued with hormone injections, according to officials in the country, as part of the
punishment for homosexuality in the country."

And it's perfectly absurd of them to be trying this, because the idea that queer people have different hormone levels that heterosexuals was tested and so completely absolutely conclusively disproven a century ago that even the pro-gay-gene mad scientists like Dean Hamer and and Michael Bailey and Simon LeVay gave up on that idea, which is the whole reason they resorted to cutting up brains and chromosomes instead of measuring hormone levels anymore. The "science" the UAE is relying on in nonconsensual experiments upon imprisoned queer human beings is so outdated that it doesn't even qualify as a wild experiment; the best comparisons to how disproven this stuff is would be medieval bloodletting or flat-Earth "theory." And a national government is actually doing this in the 21st century. To nonconsenting human beings. Injecting them with hormones that will put them at increased risk of cancer and possibly make permanent changes to their appearance.

The sentence also includes five years in jail and a lashing, in addition to the forced hormone treatments. So much for the notion that if you successfully convince people there's a biological basis, the people won't feel justified in violently beating you up or throwing you in prison anymore.
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