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Link Rot

It finally occurred to me that I've been so busy lately that I haven't run my website link checker since early August. So I ran it just now. I'm afraid . . . link rot has definitely set in. I hate link rot.

Yet here I sit to record, what else, a journal entry full of links. I hate to think what this entry will look like if anyone ever goes back to read it a few months from now.

Oh well. I'm going to do it anyway.

"Surina Khan: A Pakistani Advocate for Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Shares Her Thoughts About America's War on Terrorism"

"Game Over" by Naomi Klein

"Red Cross Condemns U.S. Strike on Kabul Warehouse"

"Afghan Women Speak from Behind the Media Veil"

"The SUV-Terrorism Connection"

And now . . . back to tracking down new locations for all these broken links on my website.
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