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Boo for Wal-Mart

Yay for the Sacramento City Council!

Despite repeated legal threats and the extremely overbearing intimidation techniques described in the article, the Sacramento City Council voted to approve an ordinance that is likely to prevent Wal-Mart from building a Supercenter in Sacramento's Downtown Plaza. This is hugely important because (a) the employees at the businesses that Wal-Mart would force out of business may have some actual rights in their current jobs, such as the right to belong to unions, which Wal-Mart employees do not get the benefit of; and (b) the Downtown Plaza is pretty much the center of everything that Sacramento is, and it is reasonably nice to look at for the moment, but if they dropped a great big Wal-Mart Supercenter into the middle of it . . . well, Wal-Mart might as well just spray-paint its name in huge scrawled graffiti letters on the state capitol dome, because it would be a precisely equivalent vandalism of an equivalently major symbol of Sacramento. Horrifying that they would even dare try to get away with such a thing.
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