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Truly, a Brand-New Precedent for Governmental Absurdity Has Been Set

With gratitude to mariness for informing me:

Apparently it is now, ever since last Thursday, officially illegal under United States law for any person to use the Internet to post or send e-mail or web-based messages "without disclosing his identity and with intent to annoy."

Since it should be perfectly clear from the information publicly available about me that anyone posting comments in my LiveJournal that attempt to defend almost any action that President Bush has ever undertaken is likely to annoy me, it is reasonable to conclude that any person who does so is doing so with the deliberate intent to annoy me. Therefore, any people bound by U.S. law who leave any pro-Bush comments in my journal and fail to include their full names in their comments are now committing an illegal act. I look forward to seeing Bush's own henchmen prosecute these cases for me to the fullest.

(Note: The law in question is an update that adds Internet communications to a preexisting 1994 law banning intentionally annoying people via telephone. Here is the actual text of the law, with the new changes marked.)
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