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There Is Nothing Serious There

From The Toronto Star: On New Year's Eve, as Russians across the country celebrated their most important holiday of the year, 19-year-old Pte. Andrei Sychev of the Chelyabinsk Tank Academy was tied to a chair by his fellow soldiers. For the next four hours Sychev's colleagues, including some of his superiors, took turns beating and kicking him repeatedly in the legs and groin.

From The Sydney Morning-Herald: [O]lder soldiers forced him to spend hours in an unnatural crouched position and brutally beat him.

From, Moscow: Sychev was not only beaten but raped.

From The Toronto Star: There was nothing unusual about what happened to Sychev — the demoralized Russian armed forces have long been plagued by bullying and brutal hazing. Seven other conscripts were beaten the same night. But for some reason, Sychev was unable to get medical attention for three days, and gangrene set in.

To keep Sychev alive, doctors were forced to amputate his legs and genitals.

From The Sydney Morning-Herald: Authorities called Sychev's mother, Galina, only after he had already undergone his first amputation.

"Why didn't anyone tell me, 'come here, your son is in grave condition'?" she said on television, wiping her tears.

Sychev, who is unable to speak, scribbled the name of his most cruel tormentor on a piece of paper.

"He tries to speak, but he can't, and he can't eat," his mother said.

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov . . . appeared to play down the incident, saying "there is nothing serious there, otherwise I would certainly have known about it".
(Sergei Ivanov has now stopped saying that, and is instead promising to punish everyone responsible, according to The Sydney Morning-Herald. But really.)
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