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Photos from Around My Neighborhood

Today was a good day for photography. I come bearing new photographs from all over my neighborhood!

Are you sick of having neighbors who aren't interested in aviation? Have you ever wished you could live in an aviation-oriented community? No? Well, apparently somebody has.

The big white thing in the background, by the way, is also a sign for the same community, Stone Creek. That one doesn't specify that Stone Creek is an "Aviation-Oriented Community," though.

Continuing the aviation theme, we have here a sculpture of two aviators. This sculpture is located on the nearby air force base.

This is a closeup of the flags behind the aviators. They are the Sacramento County flag, the California Republic State flag, and the United States flag. The Sacramento County flag has lots of flowers on it. Do you know what your county's flag looks like?

The air force base also features a lake. It is such a pretty lake that even the metal tubes installed next to it manage to be sort of pretty.

See? Aren't they pretty?

It is a very, very, very reflective lake.

It has telephone wires right along its shores.

This is a small creek near the lake.

Here are some benches on the air force base, at night. There seems to be a nighttime rainbow in this picture, too! I didn't discover the nighttime rainbow until after I got home and downloaded the picture from my camera.

This is a walkway on the air force base, at night.

You wouldn't guess it from the name, but V&T Video & Gifts is one of the local strip clubs. (My neighborhood has three of them, but the other two do not camouflage themselves as ordinary stores like this one does.) Here it is, next to a Vietnamese restaurant and a casino.

The casino advertises Blackjack and Texas Hold 'Em Poker.

The strip club advertises "family and adult selections." But really, are there people who go to strip clubs to rent family-friendly videos?

Further down the same building (perhaps after you're done visiting the Korean acupuncturist?), you can have your palm and/or cards (palm card?) read by a psychic named Linda.

But this boarded-up building over here (on the right) is where the real action in the neighborhood used to be. This is the site of the former Stagger Inn, which was (just before I bought my camera and could have photographed it) shut down as part of an effort to clean up the neighborhood. Luckily, somebody else around here took a picture of it while the sign was still up. Go look at the infamous Stagger Inn!

Hey, as long as we're looking at spooky places, let's tour the local cemetery! Anyway, uko_chan posted pictures of her local cemetery recently, so I have to take some of my own. This is a very tiny, abandoned, Gold Rush–era cemetery. The city has grown up all around it, so now it is enclosed on all sides by office buildings.

I like the ambiguity of this picture. You could almost mistake the cemetery for a sort of public square: the tombstones in the foreground look rather like parking spaces (unless you look close enough to see the words "Our Baby" and "Brother" on them); the Fankhauser tombstone looks almost like a corporate nameplate, and the other tombstones surrounding it could almost be standard public art of the kind frequently found in front of office buildings.

Here is a fallen tree branch in the cemetery.

Someone has painted a blue graffiti heart onto a gravestone. How would you like to be commemorated with a lovingly graffitied gravestone? And there's a graffiti letter "Q" on the gravestone next to it, whose meaning is more perplexing.

Now we are done with the cemetery. And yes, this is a new sunset photo! Late sunset, on a street that I drive when commuting to and from work. I am quite pleased with this one.

That street is bordered on both sides by a long white brick wall, which is covered with the remains of a vine that appears to be dead. Unfortunately, the wall is difficult to photograph properly without being hit by a car - there isn't room to stand any distance away from the wall, so you have to photograph it with extreme closeups or strange angles.

Last, here's an oddity I found at a neighboring apartment complex. Six of Snow White's seven dwarves have gathered outside someone's front door. What happened to the seventh?

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