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Worst. Socks. Ever.

Today I bought some socks. They cost $5 each, which I'm pretty sure is the most money I've ever spent on a pair of socks in my life. But they were very soft socks, and I have recently had good experiences with a different brand and different texture of very soft socks, so I was inclined to try more varieties. They did have some weird rubbery gripping sole things stuck to the bottom of them like slipper-socks, but I didn't particularly mind. I bought four pairs. I threw away the receipt, cut off the tags, and immediately put them on. Not that I really needed to wear different socks in the evening than I'd been wearing the rest of the day; it was just that they were new and exciting, and I wanted to try them out.

I wore them three hours. I spent most of those three hours sitting immobile in front of my computer, but I also walked to the kitchen and back a few times, and once I walked down the stairs and out to the mailbox to check my mail and back. I did notice that while wearing them, my feet constantly slid around in my shoes in a very odd manner, which I quickly gathered must have been the reason that the manufacturer had stuck those weird rubbery gripping sole things to the bottom of them. Even so, I was still reasonably satisfied with my purchase.

Then I took them off. And that was when I found out just how completely I wasted those $20.

When I took them off, giant balls of fluff came pouring out of my shoes, no longer attached to the socks.

The socks themselves, with all that fluff rubbed off, were worn down in spots to bare netting, through which my skin was plainly visible.

I wore these socks for THREE HOURS. And now you can see my toes through them!

This company should be sued! And I don't even know which company it was, because the tags I cut off of them are in the bottom of a dumpster now. And I probably can't return them without the receipt, which is not only in the garbage can but actually in the garbage can outside the store, rather than in the dumpster at my own apartment complex. I mean, it's not like the loss of $20 will kill me or something, but it should be illegal to sell this garbage as though it constitutes viable clothing.

The only good thing I got for my $20 was this LiveJournal entry and a marvelously abstract-looking accidental photograph when I bumped my camera's shutter button unintentionally during the photo session above. Does LiveJournal have a community for accidental photographs? You'd think it would, because it has a community for almost everything else on earth, but I'm not having any luck finding one.

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