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Things I Do Not Understand: IKEA

Today, the first ever IKEA store to be built in the Sacramento area (specifically, in West Sacramento) celebrated its grand opening. Apparently, some people were very excited about it. Which, well, fine - people do kind of need furniture, and most furniture is excessively expensive, so it's understandable that having a place that sells cheap furniture can be pretty important to people.

But camping out in front of the store for weeks before it opened??? We're not talking about something where, if you end up too far from the front of the line, the world's only copies of what you want will be permanently taken away by the people ahead of you. We're talking about mass-produced cheap furniture - the kind where, if somebody ahead of you in line takes the store's last current copy, the store will just reorder it and have exactly identical copies for sale the very next week.

But maybe I only see it that way because I have never seen an IKEA store, and therefore I have never inhaled whatever powerful psychotropic drugs they apparently pump into the air on the sites where their stores are built.

Also: "The mayor of West Sacramento said IKEA will be the single biggest contributor to the city's tax base." Um, will they soon be renaming the entire city of West Sacramento to IKEA Town? What sort of humongous monstrosity is this that's just arrived here?
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