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Survey of Queers

I received an email today from a queer sociology doctoral student conducting a survey of queer people about our attitudes regarding families, marriage, and relationsips. The survey is all multiple choice, so it doesn't require you to write anything essay-like, and the questions are generally pretty well-written, so it's not too hard to find a choice that more or less applies to your situation. (Though the phrasing of that standard question "When did you first become aware that you might be non-heterosexual?" always annoys me. :p I feel that the proper QBC-inclusive way of phrasing that question is "When did you first begin considering yourself non-heterosexual?" because this avoids implying that we had to guess about what we were.) And if you choose to provide your email address, you might win $75 in a drawing! And anyway, it's for a good cause. So you should fill it out, okay? You must be queer to participate.
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