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New Friends

I've been rather bored for the past several days, so for lack of anything better to do, I increased the size of my friends list by 50%. I stole a lot of my new friends from Frank, Isaac, and Bre, and found most of the others by searching for "Michel Foucault" and "queer theory."

I suppose after I get overwhelmed by the volume of posts I'll go through and defriend some of the ones who don't reciprocate and don't sufficiently fascinate me. But I tend to avoid befriending people who post 15 times per day anyway, so hopefully I won't be too overwhelmed. I just hope I don't get this bored very often for a while, because I'd soon find myself putting every single person on all of LiveJournal on my friends page.

Incidentally, Ill Scientist should win some kind of prize or something, because I swear he reciprocated my friendship within about 60 seconds flat. I'm impressed.

Oh, and for anyone who actually cares, I find that I'm 15% punk, 29% geek, and 54% goth.
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