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Happy Birthday Dear Queerness

I can't believe I nearly forgot my own queerness's birthday! It turned fourteen today. Since I was fifteen when I turned queer, this is the last birthday it will have before I will have been queer for over half my life.

Perhaps this is why my unbelievably nice boss unexpectedly sent me home from work six hours early on Friday. (He claimed that I have completed six months' worth of work in three weeks and really deserve a reward.) Clearly, he is psychic and somehow knew, even when I had forgotten, that I needed a three-day weekend to celebrate my queerness's birthday.

At least I posted something that seems vaguely appropriate for today. Now I just need to go buy it a cake. And then start thinking up some better ways of celebrating the big one next year. (Actually, I already know perfectly well what the most appropriate way of celebrating it would be, but unfortunately I would need a partner available for that, which seems to be awfully difficult to arrange. Alas.)
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