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Ads on LiveJournal: Update

It is now definitely confirmed that ads on LiveJournal are going to include ads for "Dieting, Dating, Cosmetics, Beauty" and pretty much every sexist/appearancist or otherwise icky and offensive mainstream product. You may indicate that you prefer to see certain categories of ads, "but you likely will see ads from other categories as well." Since all free users will be subjected to such ads anytime they visit the journals of other users who have opted into the ad system, this means that it is now impossible to avoid being subjected to prejudicial and oppressive advertisements on LiveJournal unless you pay them the money for a paid account.

This makes me all sorts of sick. When I paid them the money for my permanent account, I was paying for a permanent account on a website that had a written social contract swearing never to institute ads. I am not receiving the product I paid for.

Do any of you have ideas for creative forms of protest, short of suing them for breach of contract? I don't personally feel like trying to sue them for breach of contract, but if there were some good way to organize a mass collaborative public mockery of them that might have a decent chance of causing them enough bad publicity to get their attention, I would be quite interested in supporting that.

Edited to add: Look, communities! antiadvert and no_lj_ads!
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