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Kevin Underwood Again

sammka found this blog entry by him, which is even more telling than the one I cited before.
The main place I need to be more aggressive is with women. I take the "nice guy" concept to its extreme. Like I have never in my life just like grabbed a girl's ass, or anything like that. . . . I'll barely look at a woman without her permission. And yes, I ask permission to do things. It's pathetic really. I think that was the main problem with Kristina, was I was just too, well, nice, for her. Even when I know the girl would want me to do something, I still usually don't, just in case there's been a misunderstanding or something. . . . I need to be much more aggressive when it comes to women. I need to make the first move, and take control occasionally. It's no wonder everyone always thinks I am gay . . .
Aaaaarrrrggghh!!!!!! The worst part is how remarkably normal all these thought processes manage to sound, and in fact are, despite being the most ridiculously fucked up ideas ever.

Never groping any women without permission - wow, that's really taking the concept of being a "nice guy" to an extreme, huh?

Actually asking permission before touching women - wow, pathetic, huh?

Not considering it sufficient to just "know" that a woman "would" want you to do something - what's wrong with you, are you actually not psychic or something? Don't you think women enjoy having you decide to risk subjecting us to unwanted touching, kissing, or whatever to spare you from the oh-so-exhausting effort of asking a simple question first to make sure there are no misunderstandings?

Imagine, never once "taking control" of somebody else's body without asking first! How very gay!

If the above is gay, I demand that all the heterosexuals on the planet be immediately imprisoned. It would solve a ton of problems.
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