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The Route to My Parents' House

When I visited my parents for Easter, I took some pictures along the way. Not really as many as I usually post in my picture entries, but I think they're worth sharing.

The last half hour of the hour-long drive to my parents' house is down a winding two-lane road. Much of it looks like this. The sign says "Fire Station: Watch for Trucks."

Sometimes when I come around a corner, I'm confronted with massive gorgeous expanses like this.

I've photographed Lotus Park before, but I stopped to photograph it again. Here's the path down to the American River.

There are lots of mossy rocks by the river.

Here's the bridge upstream.

And another view of the bridge.

That flat rock there was covered with water, which was why the sun was glistening on it so brightly.

Okay, now let's take the path back out of the park.

Near the beginning of winter, I mentioned to rekraft that since Sacramento usually has very foggy winters, I was looking forward to photographing fog. Then Sacramento managed to thwart my best efforts by only ever being foggy at times when I didn't have my camera handy. Then on Easter, a perfectly un-foggy day, I drove on this little winding road around the edge of a cliff, which is not really on my way to my parents' house at all; I was merely driving it in search of interesting photographs. My parents, however, apparently have to drive this road regularly just to get to their nearest grocery store. This is a strange thing to imagine; I would have thought my mother would run screaming away if asked to drive on such a road. But anyway, I was driving this road and I rounded a corner and all of a sudden there was this tiny patch of very thick fog, just about 50 feet wide. So I thought, finally I can take a photograph of fog! But there was no room to stop on the two-lane road and look through the camera viewfinder to actually aim it properly; those trees at the right edge of the picture are growing on the edge of a cliff that drops a few hundred feet down. So I just sat my camera on top of the steering wheel and pressed the shutter button without looking through it and hoped that it had somehow randomly ended up with a decently framed photograph through my car windshield as I drove past. And it's actually not bad! It's not at all what I had envisioned my photographs of fog looking like, but it's kind of nice in its way.

This is a shop in Georgetown, a small town that nevertheless manages to be larger than my parents' small town.

These are two houses on the edge of Georgetown.

And this . . . is a completely gratuitous picture of me in my living room after I returned home. The reason for this picture's existence is that I bought this new skirt recently and I am currently so completely crazy about this outfit that it was necessary to photograph it. Really it's more the color of the shirt and socks that I'm crazy about than the skirt itself, but the skirt is a new thing to wear the shirt and socks with, and any new thing to wear peacock blue with gets me newly excited about peacock blue all over again. Does anybody still remember my desperate craving for peacock blue clothes last summer? That's when I bought this shirt. I'm still crazy about its color. Maybe soon I should go on another mission to buy everything of that color in existence.

Oh, and here's another one of me! My mother just emailed it to me. My father took this picture just last Saturday, three days ago, in Old Sacramento, where we were having lunch with my maternal grandparents for my mother's birthday. From left to right, it is my brother, me, my grandparents, and my mother. Purple is an excellent outfit color too!

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