Gayle Madwin (queerbychoice) wrote,
Gayle Madwin

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Meeting People in Person (or in Dreams)

I might get to meet electronblue and joannasatana soon! They are each, separately, accompanied by their girlfriend and husband respectively, going to be in my area soon.

And I dreamed that I met _allecto_ and dis_senter. In the dream, they were Korean instead of Australian. This didn't surprise me at all in the dream, until we got to the part where I found out they were actually North Korean, not South Korean. They told me they don't tend to ackowledge their true nationality much because if the North Korean government ever finds them, Kim Jong-il would like to capture and imprison them. I was duly frightened for them. Then we continued our conversation in some grocery store about the high price of hair ribbons. My dreams are strange.
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