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I adopted a kitty!!!!!!

But I don't get to bring her home until Thursday, because she has to have anti-reproductive surgery first.

She is a grey kitty with medium-long hair and greenish-grey eyes that are only slightly more greenish than the grey of her fur. She is about eight or nine weeks old; I guess by Thursday she'll be nine weeks old. She is very very quiet and when placed on my lap she stayed where she was put and did not try to wander off anywhere, although she was wide awake. She had two siblings in the cage with her, a medium-haired beige tabby and a short-haired grey tabby whose stripes were more visible and defined than hers. None of them were as active as some of the kittens in other cages (who were mewing incessantly and climbing the walls of their cages), but all three of them seemed healthy and would bat at each other or follow moving fingers with their eyes. None of the three meowed much at all.

I was rather impressed with the animal shelter. It was the downtown animal shelter, which is much bigger than any of the others around here, and consequently had more animals to choose from (which was good, because I'd already tried several smaller animal shelters and been unable to find any cats that I liked). I had been to the downtown animal shelter before, years ago, when my family adopted cats from there, but it's been reorganized since then - for the better, I think. In exchange for my $65 adoption fee, they gave me not only a kitten and a spaying and leukemia/FIV tests and a veterinary exam and microchipping and vaccinations for distemper, rhinotracheitis, calcivirus, pneumonitis, and rabies (which are technically what the $65 is supposed to cover), but also a free scratching post and a free cat toy and a free bag of kitten food and a free bag of kitten treats and a free cat carrier and a free purple collar and a voucher for free flea medicine and a free tote bag to carry all the papers they gave me in. They basically gave me everything I need to start out with except a litter box and kitty litter. I was not expecting them to give me so much. The scratching post is a really good quality one with a wooden base and fabric and a place to attach a cat toy at the top and everything; it's not just a little dinky cardboard one.

Oh, and there's one other thing they didn't give me that the kitten is going to need right away: a name. At the moment, I have no idea at all of what I'm going to call her. So how about you give me some suggestions? I have only one stipulation: she cannot be named Misty, because when I was a kid I already had a medium-haired grey female cat who was called Misty, and this new medium-haired grey female cat of mine needs to be allowed to develop her own independent identity instead of being asked to follow in Misty's footsteps. So please, suggest every cat name you like except for Misty.
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