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The kitten is here!

She purrs extremely loudly. Purring was one talent she never demonstrated for me while I was picking her out last Saturday, but the moment I opened the cat carrier (while in my car in the parking lot of the animal shelter still) she started purring so you could have heard it from across a large room. I let her wander around my lap a little in the car, then put her back in the carrier so I could drive home. She was very panicked by being shut into the carrier, and mewed incessantly for the next five minutes - except she doesn't even really have a proper mew, or even a proper squeak, but more like a single extremely high-pitched note that she doesn't seem to know how to draw out into anything longer or vary the sound of. Anyway, I mewed back at her for a while, but that didn't seem to be calming her down any, so then I tried being silent for a minute or two, which also didn't seem to have any effect. Then I tried singing along with the David Bowie Reality CD, which really shouldn't have made any living creature happy to hear, because not only am I a lousy singer in the first place, but I still have laryngitis, and on top of that I punctuate every other line with a coughing fit. Yet the kitten became completely absolutely silent immediately when I started singing, and she remained completely absolutely silent for the entire remainder of the car ride, which took me a full hour because it was rush hour. Maybe she'd just worn out her little kitten voicebox already by then, but the silence was so prolonged and such a contrast to her initial behavior that I began to wonder if she had died of fright or something. When I got home, though, I opened the carrier and there she was, all curled up and looking really rather happy to stay in there.

I set up all her things in the bathroom for the moment, so she only has to get used to one room at a time. (I've let her explore the bedroom a little while I'm watching, but she's not entirely eager to go in there yet, and I haven't let her see the kitchen or living room at all yet.) I put water in her water dish and showed it to her. She sniffed it a whole lot, then stepped in it, and then leaped back out again. You would have thought she'd never seen a water dish before in her short life. But after stepping in it, she seemed to figure out that it was good to drink. She had much less difficulty figuring out what the dish of kitten food was for.

I'm worried about her stitches, because the animal shelter told me that if she tries to chew on them, I should go to a pet store to buy a plastic cone collar to prevent her. She doesn't seem extremely fixated on her stitches so far; she's made a few efforts to investigate them, but she's very easily distracted from them if I do anything else to get her attention. But when I'm at work I won't be there to distract her. So I went to PetSmart and tried to buy her such a collar. But the smallest size collar they had at PetSmart is so big it probably weighs more than her entire body does, and the neck hole is so big even at its very smallest adjustment that she can walk right through the neck hole without the slightest difficulty at all. She thinks the protective collar is a fun toy to jump through, and does not in the least understand that there is any intent to trap her inside it.

She's so tiny that it's difficult to even pet her without knocking her over. Her walking is more like toddling. Her body (not including her head and tail) is about the size of one of my hands.

She has already discovered the typical cat habit of trying to sit on the computer keyboard all the time so that I'll have to give all my attention to her instead of to it. I had to shut her in the bathroom so I could finish typing this journal entry without her sitting on the keyboard.

She also mews silently at me to ask me to pick her up and put her on my lap. And when I do, she purrs and purrs and purrs, very loudly.

But she is easily frightened by any loud noise, so usually whenever I walk around at all, my big noisy footsteps are enough to send her running to hide between her litter box and the bathtub, under the shower curtain.

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