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Kitten, Continued

The first night she was with me, I shut the kitten in the bathroom, because I didn't trust her unsupervised in a separate room from her litterbox all night long yet, and I also didn't trust her unsupervised in a room full of chewable electrical cords all night long yet, and anyway I needed to sleep well and be able to get up for work the next morning, and I didn't trust her not to wake me up all night long.

But the second night I decided to see how she'd handle it. I tried to put her on the bed with me, but she just jumped right off. I let her wander. Within less than five minutes, she came back and leaped onto the bed and curled up next to me and slept there the whole night through. She did wake me up a few times by sneezing, but that was certainly not her fault (and my own coughing woke me up sometimes too, and probably her as well).

This morning she discovered that there is a kitten in the bathroom mirror. She couldn't see the kitten until she had climbed  up onto a ledge on the countertop that immediately put her nose to nose with it. She froze, wide-eyed, and trembled, and except for her trembling and a few attempts to duck her head below the ledge where the kitten couldn't see her, she didn't move for about five minutes. But eventually she decided that since it hadn't attacked her yet, it must be a friendly kitten, so she started batting at it happily, and now she is delighted with her new playmate.

She's strangely finicky about her toys. She loves any of them that I'll wave around for her, and she's quite capable of playing all by herself by running around pouncing on random spots on the floor even though there's nothing there. But she seems to have no interest whatsoever in batting around actual non-imaginary objects unless I make them move for her. Even when I take the exact same toy that she loves me to wave around for her, and hang that by a string from a doorknob, she wants nothing to do with it unless I'm moving it around for her. I've never known a kitten who could resist dangling strings so well.

I'm still working on naming her. Google has failed me! It won't tell me what Emily Dickinson named her cats. It will only tell me that Emily Dickinson wrote a poem about a cat, and that someone else once suggested a title of a poem to be written by Emily Dickinson's cat. Doesn't anyone realize that being able to easily find the names of Emily Dickinson's cats is important?
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