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More Kitten Pictures!

I took these pictures yesterday. I think you can see for yourself that Stardust is feeling better. Every time I walk from room to room, she leaps up, even if she was previously sound asleep, and rushes in a mad dash at my heels, then careens around the room with a sound like a stampeding herd of extremely tiny horses, and wrestles with random objects. Such as this pillow.

She also likes to climb this chair . . .

. . . And cling to the top of it looking wild-eyed. (Her feet don't reach down to the seat of the chair when she's clinging there, so she’s suspended by sheer claw power. Luckily, the chair is old enough and has survived enough cats already that it can’t really be damaged much more by kitten claws than it already has been. Oh, and you can see a bit of the wet fur around her eyes here; that’s from her antibiotic eye ointment. If she raised her chin, you could also see the pink bubble-gum oral antibiotics that dribbled down her chin when I administered them just before taking this photograph. And yes, I do find it bizarre that antibiotics for cats are bubble-gum flavored.)

She doesn't yet know that on the other side of the door that those blinds are hanging on, there is a thing called a balcony, and a whole wide world called Outside, to which she has not been introduced.

But she thinks the blinds are fun to play with.

She would like to thank rekraft for what I certainly can't blame her for thinking must be a cat toy.

If she were a human, she would be asking right now, "But how are bookshelves built? But why do they need plastic things to hold the shelves up? But why won't you take the plastic things out and give them to me as toys and let your books go without a shelf?"

Today I attempted to work the first of two eight-hour days this three-day weekend. (Well, it would be a three-day weekend if the overtime hadn't made it into a one-day weekend.) Have you ever tried to actually get anything done while a kitten is bouncing off the walls and attempting to jump all over your computer keyboard?Luckily she wore herself out after a while.
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