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Commemorative Monument

from October 11th
QBC 101: i think all close friends are chosen families, always.
Psychedelic Jedi: I hope so. I can't imagine having friends who aren't
Psychedelic Jedi: What would be the point?
QBC 101: exactly
QBC 101: and by extension
QBC 101: what is the point of having families who aren't friends?
Psychedelic Jedi: But what I meant is that I wish it were the norm to choose who you wanted to be close to, and not feel obligated to relate to people who don't accept you or genuinely care about what you are about just because of blood relation
Psychedelic Jedi: Ah, true.
QBC 101: exactly - that's what i wish too
QBC 101: and also
Psychedelic Jedi: Klaudio is my brother-in-all-but-blood
QBC 101: for KIDS, little kids
QBC 101: there should be some kind of a system
QBC 101: they should get introduced to dozens of adults and be free to change parents at any time without anyone making a fuss over it.
Psychedelic Jedi: I think that children should live in the chosen family of their parents, but have everyone be something of a parent to them
Psychedelic Jedi: De-emphasize the "nuclear family" which is actually a mythical construction anyway
QBC 101: but i wanted the option to move out
Psychedelic Jedi: At what age?
QBC 101: as a pretty young teenager
Psychedelic Jedi: Well, that's a bit older than what I was thinking
Psychedelic Jedi: "If you love something, let it go."
QBC 101: yes
Psychedelic Jedi: If parents could be mentally stable enough to be okay with that
QBC 101: i know lots of people who've had good reason to want to escape their parents when they were 4 or 5
QBC 101: i think they should be allowed to leave at any age.
Psychedelic Jedi: People give kids so much less credit than they deserve
QBC 101: definitely
Psychedelic Jedi: Yeah, I think I agree with you.
Psychedelic Jedi: I mean, I hope that there wouldn't be a lot of cause for that, but if there were, I think kids should be allowed to leave.
QBC 101: great! we can start a commune together and raise kids now.
Psychedelic Jedi: Hell, the Damn Hippies have been planning this forever
Psychedelic Jedi: We had this big group wedding planned
Psychedelic Jedi: Like, everyone marries everyone else
QBC 101: lol
Psychedelic Jedi: So if you dig someone, you're already married to them
QBC 101: i like that word, "dig."
Psychedelic Jedi: Have you read Stranger in a Strange Land?
QBC 101: no, someone recommended it to me just recently in an LJ comment but i haven't yet
Psychedelic Jedi: I'm about two thirds of the way through it
Psychedelic Jedi: Some things about it bug me
QBC 101: such as?
Psychedelic Jedi: Heinlein, AKA Jubal Harshaw bugs me
QBC 101: jubal harshaw?
Psychedelic Jedi: Jubal is obviously the mouthpiece for the author.
Psychedelic Jedi: There's always one of those, in every Heinlein book
QBC 101: i wrote a story once with a genderfree kid in it who was named Jubil
QBC 101: (short for jubilant)
Psychedelic Jedi: I like that.
QBC 101: me too.
Psychedelic Jedi: The way Jubal behaves towards the women in his household bothers me
Psychedelic Jedi: He's like a biblical patriarch
QBC 101: how exactly?
Psychedelic Jedi: He doesn't act like an asshole, though, because he's always right, and they usually agree
QBC 101: hmm
Psychedelic Jedi: I think you should read it
Psychedelic Jedi: Then I'll be better able to explain it to you
QBC 101: ok . . . i'll probably read it then.
Psychedelic Jedi: What made me think of that, anyway, is the word grok
QBC 101: what does it mean?
Psychedelic Jedi: Technically, it means drink.
Psychedelic Jedi: There's this weird focus on water in martian society
QBC 101: so figuratively it means what?
Psychedelic Jedi: But its meanings also include love, hate, understand, and a lot of other things
Psychedelic Jedi: Like dig.
QBC 101: ah, i've heard of this before
QBC 101: i recall someone using the word "grok" in a sentence to me sometime long ago.
Psychedelic Jedi: I always had trouble with the fact that when you say dig, it could mean either understand, or like, or even love. Often I'll refer to digging someone, and it could be interpreted to mean that I desire them
Psychedelic Jedi: But the way that grok is explained, it makes sense to me
Psychedelic Jedi: To understand someone is to love them, or hate them, or both.
Psychedelic Jedi: And that fits in perfectly with my conception of love
Psychedelic Jedi: Just totally understanding what someone is saying, and loving it, and loving them
Psychedelic Jedi: Wanting to be near to drink fully of these wonderful ideas
QBC 101: where does the hate come in then?
Psychedelic Jedi: Well, to truly hate something, you must know it.
Psychedelic Jedi: To know it is to become it.
Psychedelic Jedi: The people I love most are also the ones who frustrate me the most
Psychedelic Jedi: To be something is to love it.
QBC 101: i don't know . . . i'm not big on the love-hate thing
Psychedelic Jedi: Well, it works more for grok than dig
QBC 101: i mean, i've been there, but i've tried to eliminate it, and had at least a reasonable degree of success
QBC 101: i wouldn't say i ever get as far as "hating" my friends these days
QBC 101: they frustrate me occasionally but . . .
QBC 101: more in a . . .
QBC 101: hmm
QBC 101: ok, my ability to string words together just stopped functioning.
QBC 101: the string got tangled.
Psychedelic Jedi: :-D
Psychedelic Jedi: You know, Gayle, I dig you.
QBC 101: i dig you too. very much.
QBC 101: Isaac.
Psychedelic Jedi: Online friends are fun, but it's very frustrating, because I don't have the power to go anywhere.
QBC 101: that's ok . . . i go somewhere in my head. it's still fun.
Psychedelic Jedi: heheh

from October 22nd
QBC 101: people ought to be flirted with as often as humanly possible
Psychedelic Jedi: haha
Psychedelic Jedi: AMEN.

from October 25th
Psychedelic Jedi: The Church of All Worlds [in Stranger in a Strange Land] is just a front
QBC 101: for what?
Psychedelic Jedi: It's more about recruiting humans
QBC 101: recruiting them for what?
Psychedelic Jedi: Teaching them to speak Martian
Psychedelic Jedi: Once you can speak Martian, you can grok fully.
Psychedelic Jedi: You can only really think in the symbols you have been provided with
QBC 101: that makes sense
Psychedelic Jedi: And the family isn't really structured. Everyone's equal.
QBC 101: do the martians learn human languages?
QBC 101: what about small children? how do they go about being equal?
Psychedelic Jedi: The Martians are only interested in determining whether we are a threat that needs exterminating
QBC 101: lol
Psychedelic Jedi: They just are
Psychedelic Jedi: Babies are cared for by all different members of the group
QBC 101: that sounds like an improvement
QBC 101: less parental ownership
Psychedelic Jedi: Once they get older, they handle themselves as members of the group. If they need help with something, they ask, like anyone else.
QBC 101: i think i'll just be a bonobo.
QBC 101: their home is easier to get to than mars.
Psychedelic Jedi: If only.
QBC 101: lol
Psychedelic Jedi: Well, we don't have to go to Mars
QBC 101: oh, you want to build a martian colony on earth?
Psychedelic Jedi: The dogmas [of Stranger in a Strange Land] need some gender-tweaking, but they're generally serviceable
Psychedelic Jedi: Martians are unable to survive on Earth. Gravity's too high.
QBC 101: something about you makes it more difficult than usual for me to put up with the various dissatisfactions of life-as-usual.
Psychedelic Jedi: You mean I make you strive for something more, or I make it hard for you to live your life?
QBC 101: both, exactly
QBC 101: it's sort of uncomfortable and happy all at once, and i'm not sure which feeling is more than the other.
Psychedelic Jedi: I think I like that.
QBC 101: i think you probably should.
Psychedelic Jedi: *grins*
QBC 101: ::blushes and turns shy::

from later on October 25th
Psychedelic Jedi: Now you've read some Neil Gaiman.
QBC 101: thanks
QBC 101: that was weird.
Psychedelic Jedi: Anything for you
QBC 101: lol
Psychedelic Jedi: 'Twas
QBC 101: ok, my clock is about to strike midnight so i have to leave you now before i turn into a pumpkin
Psychedelic Jedi: I should have been in bed hours ago
Psychedelic Jedi: But you.
Psychedelic Jedi: *shakes head*
QBC 101: i'm such an evil influence.
QBC 101: goodnight, raven dear.
Psychedelic Jedi: nah
Psychedelic Jedi: evil is all in the human mind. Empty concept, that
Psychedelic Jedi: guten nacht. grok in fullness.

----- Email Message -----
From: Raven
To: Gayle
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2001 11:59 PM PDT

QBC 101: goodnight, raven dear.
Psychedelic Jedi: evil is all in the human mind. Empty concept, that
QBC 101 signed off at 2:58:52 AM.
Psychedelic Jedi: guten nacht. grok in fullness.

----- Email Message -----
From: Gayle
To: Raven
Sent: Friday, October 26, 2001 12:09 AM PDT

dear Raven boy,

despite my signing off, i actually continued to hear your words afterwards. we have a psychic connection that transcends technology, you see.

well, technically i think it was due to the direct connection. but the psychic theory makes a good story.

good night now.


----- Email Message -----
From: Raven
To: Gayle
Sent: Friday, October 26, 2001 12:19 AM PDT

and many nights hereafter.
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