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Crazed Kittens and Meetings with Satanists

Do any of you know where I could buy a, um, surge protector protector? As in something that would protect a surge protector from having its cords gradually wiggled out of its sockets by a crazed kitten, thus twice in one evening abruptly turning off the computer and causing the crazed kitten's human housemate to lose all unsaved work? The crazed kitten is now residing in the bathroom, because even though she can't reasonably be expected to know any better and therefore I don't want to punish her (which shutting her in the bathroom is doing; she's whining pitifully to be let out), she won't sit still or stay away from it if I let her out, and I refuse to put myself in the position of having to be responsible for my potential behavior toward her if she were allowed to unplug my computer three times within three hours. She can come out only after I'm done with my computer usage for today.

Anyway. Tomorrow I am going to San Francisco to meet joannasatana, who has known me longer than anyone else I've met on the Internet who I'm still in touch with (seven years!), and her husband jsinevil, and apparently we are going to see the ruins of the Sutro Baths and Cliff House. And I am excited! I have never been there before. I have seen far too little of San Francisco, for someone who's lived within three hours' driving distance of it all my life.

My workplace attempted to order me to work overtime all day tomorrow, and not just once, but two separate and conflicting all-day assignments tomorrow. I would have had to refuse one or the other of them anyway, since I can't very well do seven hours of work on two completely different projects during the same seven hours, but to see Joanna I needed to get out of working any hours tomorrow. I have hardly ever had occasion before to really care about standing up to my workplace and refusing overtime that they asked me to work, so I hadn't known I had it in me. But I got out of the first assignment by arranging to distribute seven hours' worth of editing throughout the evenings of all the workdays this week, and as for the second assignment (which would have been attending the second day of a workshop, the first day of which I attended today) - well, I just I just told them they'll have to do without me, because I had already made other plans. Besides, the workshop is to train people to do something that I've already been doing for a month anyway, so I already know how to do it, and I was just invited to be a sort of supplementary co-instructor via telephone, when they have other people running the workshop in person who are perfectly good at instructing everyone without my help.

I think I'd better go print out maps and train schedules for tomorrow now. And let's see, I need to remember to bring my camera, and sunscreen. I think that's all the necessary preparation. Good night!
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