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Further Adventures in Automobile Towing

The good news is that I managed not to marry the auto mechanic. The bad news is that he failed to fix my car (so I guess not even the tow truck driver would have advised me to marry him, after all).

Speaking of the tow truck driver, guess who I saw again today? It seems that when I answered his question yesterday about "So when am I going to see you again?" with "Hopefully never," I did not get my wish. Due to the failure of the mechanic to fix my car, I had to spend another hour in his tow truck, having my car towed from the car repair place to the dealership that I bought it at. He talked a little less this time; I think he'd used up most of his standard small talk questions on me yesterday. He still told me repeatedly that I need a man, but the tone of his statements changed from an attempt to actually persuade me to merely asking me in a resigned tone what is wrong with me, because obviously something must be terribly, terribly wrong with me or else I would have a boyfriend. Preferably a boyfriend who was an expert auto mechanic.

The auto repair place was kind of interesting, because it turned out to be a Chinese auto repair place. By which I mean that the waiting room and office area was all decorated with red and gold things in Chinese lettering: a Chinese calendar with gold Chinese characters on a red background; a large picture in a frame with a red background and gold embossed animal shapes with gold Chinese characters over them; and a big gold Chinese mouse statue on the desk with red ears and a red ribbon around its neck and a red banner it was holding up in its hands with gold Chinese characters on it.

But anyway, the mechanic there did not fix my car. He told me this morning that he looked at the code for the "check engine soon" light that came on, and that the code indicated that the problem was with the air filter, and that I would need to pay $500 for a new air filter and another $200 for labor and some smaller parts. I said okay. Then at the end of the day he said that he had put in a new air filter but the car still didn't work. So he took the air filter back out again and told me he didn't know how to fix my car. He didn't charge me anything, but I had to get it towed all over again, and of course the tow truck driver did charge me again.

The dealership gave me a preliminary estimate of $142 (how they can be that exact in their estimates, I have no idea), but they told me they're not going to look at my car until Monday. That means another day of walking to work, and another day of taking the buses and trains to go pick up my car, and three more days of not being able to go shopping or go anyplace. It's very lucky for me that I met joannasatana and jsinevil last weekend, because if not for exchanging money with Joanna at the restaurant where we ate lunch, I would not have any $1 bills with which to pay bus fares! And my bank is way too far away to walk to, and even the nearest store at which I could attempt to obtain change is about a two mile walk from here.

Speaking of which, I have a bad, bad feeling that I'm going to run out of milk this weekend, and then I am definitely not going to enjoy trying to decide between going without milk (which is a necessary ingredient of my main source of nutrition, pasta-roni, among other things) and walking to the nearest "convenience" store that is inconveniently far away. This business of being stranded without a car for four and a half days in a row is really unpleasant.
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