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Kitten Update and Pictures

Stardust is now 14 weeks old, and much is new in her life. She has a new collar, a new litter box, a new cat carrier, and a new eye color. Her eyes have changed, almost overnight, from greyish green to a brownish yellow. There's a vague lingering greenish undertone, but this serves mostly to make her eyes a darker, more brownish yellow than most cats' yellow eyes are.

One thing that has not changed, however, is her constant desire to attack my feet.

When I first brought her home, I felt the need to go shoeless most of the time for the first couple of weeks, because she was so tiny and kept hurling herself at my heels so persistently as I walked that I was afraid I would squash her if I wore anything on my feet that prevented me from feeling her underneath them before I stepped all the way down. But now she's a little bigger, and now I feel the need to never ever go shoeless, because I need something to defend my feet from her sharp teeth.

(That's her old collar in this picture, because I took that picture more than a week ago. She needed a new one because as soon as I melted down the trimmed end of the old one, she promptly outgrew it! I didn't trim the new one, so it should adjust to fit her after she's full-grown.)

This is the scratching post that the animal shelter gave me when I first took her home. She scratches it plenty, but she also sits on it and does battle with it for hours on end.

Here is her shiny new litter box. She was confused as to why I put her in it and told her to pose for me. But with the old litter box, she had been kicking so much kitty litter out of the box that the entire bathroom floor was practically solid kitty litter, and horrendous amounts of it found its way out of the bathroom and into the carpet and absolutely everywhere. The new litter box significantly reduces the speed with which kitty litter takes over my entire apartment, although a certain amount of kitty litter does still find its way onto the bathroom floor. Also, it is a sifting litter box, which means that there's a layer of a kind of netting in the bottom of it, and all I have to do is rearrange the layers regularly, and the box will separate the clean kitty litter for me from the part I need to throw away.

An additional, unforeseen advantage of the new litter box is that now she can climb up and down from the bathroom counter on her own, which means she doesn't incessantly try to use me as a stepping-stone to get up there.

If she's feeling particularly daring, she can also contemplate leaping from the top of the litter box into the bathtub. I haven't seen her actually make the leap, though. Usually she climbs into the bathtub from the floor, although it seems to be a very difficult climb for her, and usually requires numerous attempts before she manages to get in or out.

You can also see her new collar in this picture. It has horizontal stripes of different shades of purple, and a purple jingle bell.

She is strangely fond of the bathtub, though. And almost every time I take a shower, she sits on the edge of the bathroom counter and tries to poke her nose past the edge of the shower curtain, or she climbs up between the shower curtain and the waterproof shower curtain liner and walks along the edge of the tub trying to figure out why I seem to want to get wet. Occasionally she either jumps or falls briefly into the bathtub, but even when the jump is clearly intentional, she instantly regrets it and scrambles back out again. I stay out of her way so as not to be scrambled across.

I bought her a new cat carrier - or actually, a dog carrier. It said it was for small dogs, and I couldn't tell how big it was while it was folded up in the package, but it's slightly bigger than cat carriers usually are. It was cheaper than any cat carriers I could find, though, and I wanted to buy her one because the cardboard one seemed to upset her so much, and the car itself didn't seem to be what was upsetting her, and I read that cats more often become upset in cat carriers that they can't see well out of. So this is one she can see out of. She doesn't seem to get upset at being shut into it like she does with the cardboard box, as long as I stay within sight of her.

She thinks it's a playhouse, though, so I won't be surprised if she tears it to shreds before I ever get a chance to use it as an actual cat carrier. Frequently I come home from work and find the cat carrier on the opposite side of the room from where I left it, because it's so light that she can easily drag it around.

This is one of the first toys I bought her, as soon as I adopted her. It hangs from the doorknob in the bathroom, to keep her entertained when I lock her in there so she won't wake me up in the morning. It's a rather strange animal; it has two ears and a tail and a stripe down its back, but not even the slightest hint of a face.

Sometimes she becomes distracted by the doorstop and attacks that instead.

She has also recently taken to sitting on top of my computer monitor, gazing at me as if to demand why I'm paying attention to the computer screen when I should obviously be playing with her instead.

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