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I have my car back! And it's a good thing, too, because although my legs never did get sore (not even when I walked a total of four miles on Tuesday!), my feet are covered in blisters. After the first blisters started showing up, I bandaged them to try to prevent more, but this merely caused new blisters to develop right at the edge of the bandages, instead of underneath them. But now that I have a car, my feet will recover from their trauma!

The sensation of driving suddenly feels somewhat miraculous, like if I were growing wings and flying down the street. To celebrate, I went to the Grocery Outlet store and bought all the food in sight. I was very happy after that, although Stardust has managed to lessen my happiness somewhat by having energetic and extremely noisy wrestling matches with inanimate objects in the bathroom all night long, depriving me of much-needed sleep. I can sleep through the sound of her actual toys, even when they have jingle bells attached, but she seemed to be deliberately going for whatever would produce the highest possible decibel level. She found a pebble somewhere and apparently transported it to the bathroom sink, where it made a terrible racket against the metal drain. Eventually I got up to investigate and took it away from her, but then she went after the doorstop for hours on end. She hasn't been meowing, though, so maybe when she grows up and isn't so full of excessive energy all the time, I can eventually rediscover the experience of sleep.

Oh, and I received a mysterious email from a stranger, asking me whether is for sale. I said no. I mean, I suppose it could be if someone offered me millions for it, but why would they? Who is this person who wants to buy it, and for what purpose? There was no further explanation. I told them to let me know if they set up a queer by choice website somewhere else, so I can link to it and help promote it. But since it wasn't anybody I've ever had any contact with before, I'm not very confident I'll ever hear from them again. And really, if a person is interested enough in queer by choice issues to make a website about them, why wouldn't they have had any contact with me before?
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