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Vallejo: Wetlands Edge Road

What I never mentioned in my previous posts about seeing the Sutro Baths and Cliff House in San Francisco with joannasatana and jsinevil was that on my way back home, I stopped in the city of Vallejo and took more pictures there. I go to Vallejo fairly often, because my grandparents live there, but the timing of my visits never seems to allow me any free time to take photographs until after it's dark. But on the way home from San Francisco, the sun was still up when I reached Vallejo, so I took advantage of that. I left the freeway and headed for the San Francisco Bay, and ended up on a street called Wetlands Edge Road, which was appropriately named, since everything on one side of the street was houses, but everything on the other side of the street was, well, wetlands. With the San Francisco Bay in the distance.

Photographing directly into the sun is generally not very conducive to obtaining good photographs, but it was a good opportunity to practice my photo-editing skills, salvaging my pictures with massive adjustments to the lighting. I'm pretty happy with how they eventually turned out.

I was standing at the mowed edge of a cluster of yellow star thistles.

In front of me was a small swampy area, and beyond that, the bay.

Further down Wetlands Edge Road, the area at the edge of the bay was less swamp and more field.

The field was fantastically colorful. Originally it came out all dark and greyish-looking in my photographs, due to the contrast from the fact that I'd been facing into the sun. But the wonders of the Gimp enabled me to restore the field to full color and brightness!

Eventually, of course, I returned to the freeway and continued toward home. This is the Sacramento skyline (complete with ziggurat) as I approached home.

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