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More Kitten Pictures

Yesterday, my LiveJournal turned 5 years old. It's ready for kindergarten!

But the aging of 15-week-old kittens is more interesting than the aging of 5-year-old LiveJournals (or at least it produces far cuter photographs), so I shall move on to what you really want to see. This is Stardust reaching for an ice cube in my hand.

Other times I put an ice cube on the floor and kick it around for her to chase. This is what she does if I kick it toward her a little faster than she was expecting.

This is what she does when she's frustrated because I won't give her any more ice cubes right now, because she has already batted three of them under the stove where she can't get them out again.

This is Stardust distracting herself from the tragedy of the lost ice cubes by spending the next 30 minutes bouncing up and down under the dangling telephone cord like some kind of furry pogo stick.

This is Stardust pretending to be a calm, docile kitten instead of the crazed fluffball documented in my other pictures.

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