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My Brother's Birthday

My brother turned 26 today. My present for him (The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus) was delivered to me in the mail mere minutes before I had to wrap it and drive to my parents' house to give it to him. More interestingly, however, I had also been invited to bring Stardust along, so that my family members - and my parents' cat, Molly - could meet her. This is how Stardust's meeting with Molly proceeded:

Molly: *hisses, growls, arches back*
Stardust: *arches back slightly for a moment but is silent, then jumps happily forward and tries to make friends*
All the humans in the room: *gape in terror that Molly will eat tiny little Stardust alive*
Molly: *backs up, hissing and growling more*
Stardust: *advances, still trying to make friends*
Molly: *runs and hides under the furniture*
Stardust: *loses interest in Molly and spends the rest of the evening happily playing with all Molly's toys, while Molly glowers and growls from under the furniture but stays a safe distance away*

Yes, that's right: A full-grown cat spent the whole evening cowering in terror of my tiny little three-and-a-half-month-old kitten. This was all the more astonishing because Molly has always previously seemed to be utterly without fear of anything whatsoever, and my parents' extremely large dog (German shepherd mix) is always cowering in terror of Molly, not vice versa. And Stardust wasn't even trying to scare Molly. She never hissed or growled at all - in fact, I've never heard her hiss or growl ever; I'm not sure she even knows how to hiss or growl. The most I've ever seen her do is silently arch her back when she's afraid.

Anyway, Stardust had a great time playing with Molly's toys, particularly a round plastic thing with a ball trapped inside it that rolls around, with holes that cats can reach through to bat the ball around, although there's no way of ever getting the ball out. Stardust was fascinated with this for hours. My parents said that Molly had hardly played much with that toy at all even when she was a kitten, and that now that Molly's grown up, Molly hasn't even touched that toy at all for over a year. So my parents told me to take that toy home with me, since it'll get a lot more use with Stardust around.  Stardust is thrilled with her new toy. I think Stardust would have liked to take Molly home with her too, but it was obvious that Molly would not have liked that at all.
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