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More Kitten Pictures

Dear Stardust,

I know you have a lot of trouble understanding how anyone could intentionally choose to get wet, but it's really kind of difficult to concentrate on washing my hair properly when every single time I try, you keep peering disapprovingly and askance at me around the edge of the shower curtain.

Love, Gayle

So finally I took my revenge upon her while she was trying to bathe.

Hey! Who let the paparazzi in here?

She cheered herself up by chewing on the stuffed duck squeaky toy that the animal shelter gave me. Back when they gave it to me, it was almost as big as she was.

Since the duck no longer makes a very challenging wrestling partner for her, I've bought her a stuffed dolphin squeaky toy that's more her size. Technically it's a dog toy, but I didn't tell her that, so she loves it.

She's also been trying to open her own canned food.

This is the toy that she stole from my parents' cat, Molly, a few weeks ago. The yellow ball rolls around inside the blue doughnut-shaped thing, and there are holes all around for her to reach in and chase the ball.

It's like Twister for cats!

Rar! Lemme at that ball!

I keep trying to photograph her sitting in the particular way she sits when she crawls out from under my bed and sits next to it gazing at me. Unfortunately, she always moves right when I finish getting my camera out. This is a similar position in a different room, but the angle is wrong - she's by the cutest when her eyes and her body are directly facing me while she's in that position.

She also sometimes sits on my pillow.

But only occasionally, because the privilege of being allowed to pet her in peace and quiet without having to dodge flying leaps at my hair must be bestowed sparingly, so as not to spoil me.

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