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It's Happened!

I'm 30! Or at least I will be at around around the time I wake up this morning. I guess in legal terms, I'm probably 30 already just because the clock has struck midnight; are there laws that specify that sort of thing?

This past year was rather less eventful than the preceding one. In the preceding one, I both started and ended jobs, and both started and ended multiple romances (although the only one involving someone I actually met in person, and the only one that was an official relationship, was one that ended). But this time, there have been zero romance startings or endings in the past year, and no very significant job changes - although I did receive a $1.50 an hour raise, which at least was a step in the right direction.

The major events of this year were that I finally stopped my thoroughly failed and unwise efforts at maintaining a friendship with my ex chisparoja, and that I adopted Stardust, whose annoying habits are easier to justify putting up with, because she's afflicted with an objectively verifiable mental handicap that provides a good excuse for her behavior. So when every time I put my hand down anywhere, she immediately concludes that this must mean that wherever my hand is sitting is the very best place in the room to sit, and she comes over and bites my hand to tell me to move it out of her way so she can sit there, at least I can be fairly confident that she's not secretly perfectly capable of asking me politely in plain English to move my hand (or better yet, engaging in well-reasoned ethical debate over whether the fact that my hand was there first just might give it a somewhat better right to be there than she has) and is just deliberately choosing to silently bite me with no warning instead.

I met four times as many new people in person this year as last year. Last year I met rekraft in person, and a major non-event of this year is that I seem to have inexplicably managed not to scare em into losing all interest in me quite yet. This year I met electronblue, thorn11, joannasatana, and jsinevil in person. This year I also met various new people not in person, such as _allecto_, archimedes314, cgmp, dis_senter, dragort, ellenore, jcspd, jillc, kejlina, caseybrienza, lala_annie, prairiecity, sarars, thorn11, and undertheteacup.

I seem to have managed to read all but one of the books I received for my birthday last year, and all but two of the books I received last Christmas. Now I'm probably about to receive a bunch more, and I wonder if I'll ever catch up with my backlog. What I actually need is a new bookshelf to put them all on, but I shall be very very very surprised indeed if my parents give me one. (I did ask them to, but I also gave them a list of other things they could choose to buy me instead, which consisted mostly of books.)

I think Stardust's birthday present to me should be to sit only in places that don't involve biting my hand today. It's not that she bites that hard, but she bites enough for it to hurt a little, and it would be really much nicer if she'd learn how to growl or hiss or communicate her hostility toward my hand in any way other than with her teeth against my skin. Considering that I'll be away from her at work and at my parents' house for most of the day, it shouldn't be all that much of a challenge to refrain from biting me during this particular 24-hour period, but somehow I still doubt she'll manage it.
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