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Terrible Grocery Shopping Trip

I realize that anyone living in Sacramento in July is kind of doomed to heatstroke, but when, like a good native Sacramentan who knows all the rules to surviving Sacramento in the summer, I carefully avoid going grocery shopping until the sun has finished going down and the stars have started becoming visible in the sky, taking one step outside my front door should not cause me to immediately be hit with such an intense wave of heat that it feels like I instantly can't breathe anymore. And when I finish my grocery shopping and come back home and look up the temperature on, it should not be 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) outside. Also, telling me that even though it's 104 degrees, it supposedly only "feels like" 102 degrees is not fooling me. It feels like 140 degrees to me!

According to this article, apparently it was 109 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius) here earlier today. And how the hell are the people in the city of Livermore surviving 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees Celsius)? This is supposed to be a habitable planet, not a cannibal's kitchen!

Also, whatever you do, never buy anything labeled "yogurt drink" from an Eastern European grocery store. Yogurt drinks from American grocery stores are delicious, but I just bought one from an Eastern European grocery store and took one sip and poured the rest of the carton immediately down the sink. The date on the carton says it doesn't expire until a week from now, but aarrgghh the ghastliness! It is labeled "Karoun's All-Natural Yogurt Drink:" plus some extra text in Russian lettering, which sounds harmless enough, but it tastes like milk that was left to ferment in the sun for ten years yet mysteriously remained liquid. It's sickly sweet to the most disgusting extreme imaginable.
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