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Stardust at Four Months Old

Stardust was feeling cooperative about posing for pictures this evening, eager to crawl under, into, and over everything in sight. I got twelve pretty good pictures of her within only a few hours!

This week I bought her yet another collar. Her second collar was "cat-safe," which means she couldn't accidentally strangle herself on it, because it automatically unlatched itself whenever it was pulled on. However, this meant that she managed to unlatch it every single day, so every day when I came home from work, we would have to play the "Figure out where Stardust hid her collar this time!" game. Eventually she not only unlatched it but permanently broke the latch so I couldn't put it back on her. This time I deliberately bought her a collar that isn't "cat-safe" (her first one wasn't "cat-safe" either, and she still managed not to strangle herself on it daily). However, she's already managed to take off the new collar by herself once, too.

It's a good thing she's an indoor kitten, because otherwise she'd be on her 50th collar by now, and her license would be permanently lost. I've decided she's a feline escape artist. She looks like she's just engaging in normal feline bathing activities in this picture, but really she's lubricating herself for the purposes of better slipping out of her collar.

She likes to sleep under the bed a lot. Whenever she crawls out from under it, she always sits for a moment right next to it just like this, looking around expectantly, waiting for me to entertain her.

The looking around expectantly is frequently followed by jumping around crazily.

She has a great time playing with the vertical blinds.

She wants to know why I'm following her around with the metal thing that flashes light in her face.

And why won't I let her out into that exciting world out there? Sure, the outside world may be only seven feet long by four feet wide, but that doesn't make it okay to keep a plate of glass between her and it.

It's such a fascinating seven foot by four foot slab of cement out there.

Can't you see I'm bored, human? Play with me!

Yay, things to pounce on! Even the annoying metal flashing thing is down within pouncing reach!

Pouncing is the only true way to feline spiritual advancement.

And the perfectly kitten-sized ledge on the bathroom counter is the ideal place to relax after the day's pouncing is done.

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