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Sometimes I Make Things

Sometimes I make things. Sometimes I make latch hook rugs. Actually, the last time I made a latch hook rug, I hadn't even graduated from middle school yet. In fact, maybe not even elementary school. But recently I made one again - a much more challenging one, because unlike the previous ones, this one wasn't from a storebought kit with the picture and yarn pre-supplied and every step of the process all mapped out for me. Also, I didn't get my mother to sew up the edges for me like she used to do when I was ten. Plus, this one was about four times the size of the only two I ever made before, so many years ago.

But I wanted to make a latch hook rug again. A challenging one. I wanted it to be a gift for rekraft. And I wanted it to look like this LiveJournal icon of rekraft's:

I started working on the rug in December. I thought I could finish before March. No such luck. I'm terrible at estimating the time when I'll finish craft projects. I do, however, generally tend to finish them eventually. And eight months later, at long last, this particular one is finished. The yarn's hooked, the edges are sewn up, the back is coated with rubbery stuff so the rug doesn't slide around, the rubbery stuff has dried, and the rug has been packed away into a cardboard box with rekraft's name and address on the label. I'm taking it to the post office tomorrow. rekraft has no idea yet (this is a filtered journal entry), and ey won't find out about it until it arrives - which will probably take a month and a half, if typical shipping times to Singapore from California hold true.

[Edit: I unfiltered this entry after rekraft received - and much appreciated - the gift.]

The rug is about three feet by three feet. And it's 100 yarns by 100 yarns, just like the icon is 100 pixels by 100 pixels. I still wish I'd had more yarn colors to choose from, but unfortunately, textile manufacturers have no respect for the needs of art and do not provide many colors at all. And I didn't want to risk creating a non-colorfast rug by hand-dyeing yarn myself. Now I'm about half eager to brag about my work, and one fourth afflicted with crafting stage fright, and one fourth too relieved it's over with to even care about trying to judge whether it's good enough or not.
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